Find It or The Gazes

Charles Matson Lume & Song-yun Kim


06/02 - 06/30/2018


FOGSTAND is happy to announce the inaugural exhibition at its new U.S.A. location, Finding It or the Gazes, an exhibition that can be characterized as a simple unity of appearing, a hopeful non-thing-like variety. The selected artists—Charles Matson Lume (U.S.A.) and Song-yun Kim (South Korea)—embody, rather differently, creative methods that strive toward a non-conceptual, non-narrativized and, for some involved, non-relational vision of the sensual.

Nerve Movies

Chen Da Lun


01/27 - 03/31/2018


FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is pleased to announce Nerve Movies, a solo exhibition by Chen Da Lun.





09/18 - 10/28/2017


FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio—in collaboration with University of Wisconsin-Stout’s Furlong Gallery—is pleased to present the retrospective exhibition, FOGSTAND &&&&&&, exhibiting works by Choon-Lin Joo (Singapore), En-Man Chang (Taiwan), Jo-Mei Lee (Taiwan), Jin-Da Lin (Taiwan), Kai-Feng Chun (Singapore) and Song-Yun Kim (South Korea).


Brandon Cramm &
Jin-Da Lin


07/22 - 10/01/2017


FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is pleased to announce Beholder, a two person exhibition including Glasgow-based artist Brandon Cramm (his first exhibition in Taiwan) and Taiwanese artist Jin-Da Lin.


Macroing acts as the indented point toward which this exhibition begins to gather. A macro in computer science is a rule or pattern that specifies how certain input sequences are mapped to replacement output sequences, according to a defined procedure.


Fiona Burke &
Jo-Mei Lee


05/27 - 06/18/2017


FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is excited to announce h_am, the second exhibition in an two part exchange with Sadie Halie Projects (Minneapolis, MN, USA). Integrating sculpture, painting, photographic images and curatorial writing, the exhibition deals with an overexposure to the artifactual, more often than not preferred over the non-authored givenness some now doubt to call nature. This exhibition marks the first exhibition for both artists, Irish artist Fiona Burke (based in Hiroshima, Japan) and Taiwanese artist Jo Mei Lee (based in Taipei), in the USA.

Pink Man : Origins

Samuel Weinberg


04/29 - 06/24/2017


Samual Weinberg’s paintings depict strange, uncertain narratives where relationships are tentative and seemingly connected events refuse to acknowledge if they indeed are. Alongside his main works, which are oil paintings that follow the travels and travails of the "Pink Man (Men)", are assisting elements- sometimes artifacts other times video or written elements- that seem to have emerged from the painting’s world into our own and are ostensibly physical evidence of the painting’s events. These parallels, repetitions, echoes, and materializations challenge other elements in the narrative as well as the interplay between fiction and reality.

Where You Go I Go Too

Jia-Li Village


02/04 - 03/19/2017


By utilizing professional sound recording and editing equipment/software, the workshop took participants out into their village in order to capture a diverse selection of field recordings. Beyond simply recording the sound of, say, a hum of an air conditioner, the participants were also required to fill out a form that catalogue the location of the sound, time of recording, the type of sound (natural or man-made), frequency of sound (continuous or only once a day) and other important information.


Marco Scerri &

Wen-Li Chen


11/19/2016 - 01/15/2017


The curatorial ambition for this exhibition seeks to address and demonstrate ways of coping with cynical positionality—a dis-position—often found when discussing meaningfulness in the photographic image. In order to better account for such a dialogue, the specific theme of this exhibition is aimed at the viability of exhibition oriented, photographic practice as a method to narrativize tourism’s effect on island communities.


Maggie Thompson


07/30 - 09/25/2016


Situated somewhere between her Native American heritage (she is a member of the Fond Du Lac Band of Ojibwe) and the fractured, ongoing hybridization of contemporary art practice, Thompson likens her material outcomes to a form of continual mending and remembering.


Abdominal BASS Cavern of a Stricken HEART

Joo Choon Lin


12/26 - 02/29/2016


Across the desolate swamps of these wastelands; today, you people are no longer maggots. You will emerge from your chrysalis, a new tautness of mind, from the deadly emanations of this performance. Your perforated sonar will scavenge on the acrid remains of swampland flesh and soul in concerto unison – accelerando! fortissimo! presto!... Behold, The Abdominal Bass Cavern of a Stricken Heart! Listen well, feast and fester, or turn on your heels and go back like a raven reincarnated in regret.

The Force of

Light Lifting

En-Man Chang


11/14 - 12/20/2015


The Force of Light Lifting: to the past, present and future (without being seen nor kept) presents a fraction of the all-encompassing series of events, run-ins and workshops held during Chang En-Man’s time in Jia-Li Village. The result utilizes properties from curation, education, workshops, installation art and performance in order to unearth, present, and represent any remaining sense left in the locational.

Guerrilla Language #2

Jia-Li Village


08/15 - 08/31/2015


The actual program consisted in a summer long project/performance realized within the gallery space by the local children and teenagers of Jia-Li Township. By utilizing the popular video game, Minecraft, the project gave the local Jia-Li youth a chance to re-imagine and re-purpose their entire village within a virtual space.

Absolving the Object

Kaifeng Chun &

Richard Frater


03/21 - 05/31/2015


Imagine the scene in Fantasia where Mickey Mouse brings to life brooms, mops and other objects to help him clean his master’s castle. The brooms and mops begin to move around and do their respectively built-in operations, sweeping, mopping and the like. In this exhibition, the inverse occurs, the artists instead become objects by taking on their subject’s properties, resulting in a cross-fire of appearances.




Song-yun Kim


10/18 - 12/28/2014


Song-yun Kim’s photographic images approach an intersection between two modulating instruments - the eye and the aperture - and the inherent, yet ordinary discomposing of each onto the other.

Guerrilla Language #1



10/03 - 10/12/2014


FOGSTAND’s Guerrilla language program consisted of a workshop focused on the concept of language, namely how language opens up the ability to differentiate and combine under a shared sign. The Guerrilla language program specifically aimed to teach Indigenous children and teenagers the significance of their native language without going into the actual instruction of any language.


Peter Schoeffer


06/29 - 09/27/2014


Situated somewhere between the now spaceless distance of sculpture and painting, Schoeffer likens his material outcomes to lenses, frames, and, shelves.















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